Open Hand Theater

Open Hand Theater in the Classroom

Open Hand Theater performances introduce basic truths about life cycles, diverse cultural traditions, and everyday problems. Beyond the performance - Open Hand Theater has designed programs that explore different ideas in playful and thought provoking ways.


Study Guides accompany our most popular touring performances.  They are designed to prepare students for their Open Hand Theater experience and present activities and concepts directly relevant to their classroom curriculum.  Go to the Traveling Theater page and click on a performance for an example.

Artist in Residency projects provide memorable experiences to enhance children's understanding of their studies while building cooperation and cohesion in student groups.

Workshops provide tangible activities that help children relate the concepts to their own experience.

Open Hand Theater's Traveling International Mask and Puppet Museum Residency is an exciting introduction to world cultures showing visual art objects, masks, puppets and traditional celebrations.

The Cultural Arts Lending Library is a box of surprises, available for classroom use, that can provide hands on experiences with art, play and stories from select world cultures.


Are you interested in bringing an Open Hand Theater artist into your classroom?  Call us at (315) 476-0466.  We will be happy to discuss your ideas.

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