Open Hand Theater

Cultural Arts Lending Library

Open Hand Theater has designed an exciting new program for classes focusing on the study of specific cultures around the world. Each “Out of the Box” Cultural Arts Lending Library unit is a self-contained case that opens to reveal a collection of unique items including masks and puppets, toys and games, textiles and spices. The Lending Library guide is organized into stations where students decorate mask templates, present puppet story scripts, design architectural mazes, play games and try out language, music or recipes. 

Our currently available lending library units focus on cultural artifacts from Indonesia and Mexico.

Membership in our new “Out of the Box” Lending Library of Cultural Resources is an automatic free service for three years following participation in any Open Hand Theater arts education program.  

You can borrow the box for a designated amount of time to use in your classroom.

 Here’s what the Lending boxes contain:

  • A few sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the culture
  • Masks, puppets and interesting artifacts for children to examine up close, on your time
  • Crafts, games and activities for individual students or the whole class
  • Stories, scripts, music and language references from that area of the world

We look forward to working with you to make these resources interesting, fun and educational.

Contact Leslie Archer, Arts Education Coordinator,, to participate.

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