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Traveling Theater

Masks of Life

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Throughout this lively performance, masked characters transform before your eyes. A child becomes an old man...

Artistic coordinator Peter Fekete follows the events that mark the important moments in life. His performance works its magic through the language of make believe that children intuitively understand. With laughter, clowning and unusual live music, “Masks of Life” introduces children to the art of many cultures.

  • Best for grades 2 - 12

  • 30 minute performance

  • Audience capacity 300

  • Talk back puppet demonstration can follow performance

  • "Masks of Life" is an excellent stand-lone performance

Objectives of the Performance
  • Introduce the language of masks in performance

  • Introduce the concept of ritual in societies

  • Tell the stories behind traditional ceremonies using masks

  • Relate the differences and similarities in cultures to their use of masks and ceremonies

Brief Synopsis

Mr. Fekete relates stories of a birth mask from Mexico, rites of passage from Africa, the cycle of life mask from Indonesia, a death mask from the Himalayas. In between he performs vignettes with original masks that characterize various emotions, attitudes, and community events. He ends with the telling of an ancient story from the Andaman Islands.

Program Requirements
  • minimum stage area 8’ ~ 12’

  • Raised stage recommended audiences over 100

  • If there is no stage a sturdy table at least 2.5' square is required.


$400 for a single performance; $300 each additional performance. Travel and mileage charges apply for performances more than 30 miles from Syracuse, NY.