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Traveling Theater

The Chocolate War

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Springer and Sprong, two inseparable pals, tumble into a series of haphazard events that lead to a catastrophic quarrel. The puppets become larger and larger as the conflict grows, acting as a visual metaphor that children can readily understand. Only by working together is their friendship restored.


Open Hand Theater tackles the issue of bullying and conflict resolution in this delightful fantasy production. The Chocolate War features original music, puppets from 12 inches to 12 feet tall, a magical dwarf and a wistful stilting moon.

  • Best for grades K-6

  • 45 minute performance

  • Audience capacity to 800

  • Illustrated Study Guide with NYS Learning Standards provided.

Objectives of the Performance
  • Engage children in a fantasy story with characters they can relate to

  • Present a scenario where friends come into conflict

  • Illustrate, through visual puppetry how anger and hurt can cause loss of control

  • Explore various problem solving techniques

  • Pose elements of conflict resolution that can lead to discussion

Brief Synopsis

In a small village live Sprong and Springer, two best friends, a fairy-tale dwarf named Dwibble and a friendly Sunflower. Sprong and Springer have an argument over a pot of chocolate. As their conflict escalates, objects are destroyed and the beloved Sunflower is trampled. Sprong becomes physically bigger as his anger grows, and he begins to bully others. But in the midst of the mess, seeds have fallen from the flower. The friends learn to take positive steps to resolve their differences.

Program Requirements
  • minimum area 20’ deep x 30’ wide with at least 15’ ceiling clearance.

  • Power required for sound system.

  • Stage lighting recommended for large audiences.

  • Suitable for outdoor venues, large family events and festivals.

  • Talk back puppet demonstration can follow performance.


$850 for a single performance; $500 each additional show. Travel and mileage charges apply for performances more than 30 miles from Syracuse, NY.